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We offer a full range of equipment for various diesel injection systems, from simple and cost-effective triggers for Common Rail electromagnetic and piezoelectric injectors control, to sophisticated PC-based electronic simulators for simultaneous pumps and injectors testing, as well as test benches and stands for control and repair of diesel injection pumps, including UIS / UIP, Common Rail systems etc.


We offer a range of test, diagnostic and repair equipment for diesel injection systems:


- Common Rail test equipment: Common rail simulators including PC-based ones, Common Rail testers for Common Rail piezoelectric and electromagnetic injectors or for both types of injectors, double stage injectors, pressure regulator testers, etc.

- Injector Pump Unit test equipment


- Electronic pump test equipment


- Diesel injection pump test benches and stands: Diesel injection pump test benches of power from 7,5 kW to 15 kW, Common rail test stands, UIS test bench completed with Cam Box, Marine injector test bench, All-injector test bench


- Diagnostic equipment: DTPScope


- Special toolboxes for diesel pumps and injectors: false actuators toolbox, air gap measurement kit,


- Auxiliary equipment: Oscilloscopes, ultrasonic cleaners, cotton brushes, sandblasting machines, H2O tester to find out water content in the fuel, hand-operated pumps (nozzle testers).



Common Rail

Test Equipment



Unit Injection Pump System

Test Equipment










Petrol High Pressure GDI injectro Test Equipment and Tools












Diesel Injection Pump and Injector

Test Benches /Stands

Other equipment: diagnostics, cablings, auxiliary equipment, tool boxes etc.

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